A Message from the Director

Acting through its Board of Directors, staff, and the E911 Public Safety Answering Points supported by the District, our mission is to provide the most reliable and efficient Enhanced 911 system possible to the public.

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When to use 911

Any threat of harm to personal safety or the safety of others.

Any criminal act that is in progress or just occurred.

Any situation which escalates from non-emergency to emergency.

When NOT to use 911

Any request for numbers that you can't find. Try the operator, phone book or your local 311/411 center.

A request to see if police have picked up someone or if we have him/her in the jail.

Request for prices on reports or other information provided by other departments such as: Codes Enforcement, Animal Control, etc.

Simple questions such as, why hasn't my trash been picked up on a holiday week, or current weather conditions.